Sunday, October 9, 2011

If it was a perfect day...?

Today I remembered an old writing prompt they told us to do in second grade. I didn't think much of it until watching an hour and a half of the MTV show "Awkward." The prompt was a simple: If you were to have a perfect day, how would it go? Since nothing else has really happened with my day today, why not rewrite it?

My bed suddenly bounces making the head board smack against my light purple wall. Although the sun was hardly up I could make- out the 2 figures of my best friends Emily and Sydney. Emily's brunette curls looked thicker and bouncier than usual and Sydney's hair was really long again and flat ironed. "Wake up sleeping beauty!" Emily yells to wake me up.
Sydney turns on my light and I rub my eyes. As I blink back into focus I realize I'm not baby- of- the- school- 13- year- old-Kailyn Wolffe. I'm 16- year- old- America's- Next- Top- Model Kailyn standing 5'10" and having super light blond hair reaching my waist. I look up at Emily and Sydney. Both of them were taller and older looking. Emily had on a white lace top and army green short shorts and Sydney had on a black tank top that had stripes of different colored sequins going across it with a pair of white short shorts. I look at my clock. I glower at the 2 of them.
"Guys, it's 5 AM. Please give me a good reason why you're here." I sigh walking over to my mirror. My skin was a lot tanner and my nose was thinner and more ski slope- like.
"Well," Sydney drags out. "Tonight is the Lily Brook Ball and you don't have a dress yet and we know you don't want to look like the idiot that wore jeans and a t- shirt in front of him, so Em and I figured what better place for you to get a dress than New York City?"
I smile widely. My mind clears up. The Lily Brook Ball was a dance that only the best of the best got to go to and he was the cutest boy I had ever seen that understood me and was funny and was just perfect. Emily rests her arm on my shoulder. "Plus, I happen to have tickets to the best show on Broadway."
I jump up and down. New York City, Wicked, Lily Brook Ball, and seeing the guy of the dreams all in one day? How much better could it get? I quickly get changed into a royal blue V- neck top and cuffed short shorts. I leave my hair down and we're out the door by 5:30 AM.
After a car ride filled with giggles and singing show tunes we reach New York City by 7:00 AM. We go into a little breakfast place in Manhattan where we get the world's best bagels for breakfast. Just as we're about to pay the bill the waiter stops us.
"No, no," He explains shaking his head. "Those nice boys over there paid for you. They said, 'Let us pay for those pretty ladies' meals.'"
Just as we turn our heads we realize the "boys" that paid for our meals were Cory Monteith and Kevin McHale. We jump up and down excitedly as we get their autographs and take pictures. By 8:30 we were going down Broadway to go inside to see "Wicked". Sadly, when we reach the door we find out our tickets were double sold. As we turn around and start to leave the theater depressed, a spark of luck occurs.
"Wait! Wait!" The ticket man call chasing after us. "Although your seats are taken, we do have some extra seats in the front row. If you don't mind it's in front of the orchestra and you'll be sitting next to Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliff so there will security guards around you."
Sydney links arms with Emily and I. "That will be perfectly fine."
We take our seats in wide smiles. "Wicked" was glamorous because- due to a stomach flu and strep throat that went around- the original cast of "Wicked" had to fill in for them. After we left the show we went to a fancy French restaurant. I look around the restaurant then laugh. "I think is the first time so far today we haven't run into a celebrity."
I was a little disappointed when we were paying for our bill I felt a tap on my shoulder. I look up to see a bleached blond, fair woman wearing a dress that could probably fit 8 people under it and heels taller than a guinea pig on it's hind legs. I stare at her blankly for a few seconds before I realize I'm standing face to face with the Lady Gaga. Sydney and Emily start silently cheering with each other. I was so star struck I couldn't even stutter words.
"Hey little monster, I'm lovin' the shoes," She comments adjusting her outlandish head piece. I look down then realize I'm wearing my black sneakers that I had written "Property of Gaga" in.
"I- I- I like your music." I stutter out. Everyone breaks out in hysterics. Gaga giggled.
"Stay beautiful, sweetie," She says patting me on the shoulder.
I smile and turn back to the group. We all cheer silently. Then it was time for dress shopping. After 4 hours and countless boutiques, stores, and even a mini mart we finally found the perfect dress. We got home at around 5 and I quickly got my hair done then did my make- up myself. Everything was perfect and seemed so right...
* * *
I walked down the long staircase of the Lily Brook Ballroom. Time seemed to stop for a second as I walked down the stairs in my royal blue gown that was tight fitting until it reached mid- shin where it flared out. The thick shoulder straps were slid off my shoulders. My hair was simple pulled back at the crown and everything that was tied back was curled. My eyes had wings painted on with a metallic light blue eye shadow.
Josh Groban music sung in my ears. He waited at the bottom of the stairs smiling and waiting for me. Sydney and Emily stood behind him giddy for me. He smiled even wider when I stood next to him. Even in my 2 inch Cinderella styled heels he was still taller than me. I bat my eyelashes at him and slyly smile back at him.
"Hey, beautiful," He finally blurts out.
"Hey," I peep with a giggle.
"May I have this dance?" He asks sticking his hand out.
I blush. "I gladly will."
As I went out there, in the center of the dance floor nothing felt important any more. The fact that I saw all the celebrities I love so much didn't mean a thing. The fact that I had Dylan and all his friends drooling over me on the sidelines was just as important as the last time I bought tomatoes. The fact that I had Maria envious of me seemed like it had been done so many times before. That moment of me feeling like a princess with him just made everything feel perfect.

Bless you. Love you.
Kailyn Wolffe

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