Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best. Half. Day. Ever.

So since homecoming's tomorrow- which we're going to lose because we WON our last game- we have spirit week at our school. Today we had something called senior for hire where anyone can buy a senior for $10 and all the money goes to the senior's prom. Once you buy your senior you can dress them up however you want! Seriously. I legit saw a guy in leather leggings, a black haired wig, a hot pink bra, and cropped black jacket. People were dressed as Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj, Tinker Bell, Fairies, LMFAO, 3 little pigs and the big bad, Santa and his elves, Sundroplets, and even a "Mean Girls" quote! I was in a stairwell with the LMFAO Beat Bot, a girl dressed as "Black Swan", and a guy dressed as Tinker Bell... with "Party Rock Anthem" playing.
I was in the band room taking pictures with band kids dressed up and just everyone. Here are some of the pictures we took:
(Bianca, my color guard captain as a unicorn, me, and Sydney)
(Me, Dominick as Peach, and Amy as Mario)
(Me with some people dressed as "Blue's Clues")
(It's blurry, but it's me and Sydney with a girl dressed as Avatar)
(Me with a girl dressed as Ash Ketchum.)
(Sydney with THE DANCING LOBSTERS!!!!)
(Mexican "men", LMFAO, and Beat Bot.)
(My color guard captain, my drum major, and my drum major's boyfriend.)

That's all for now! Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

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