Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best. Half. Day. Ever.

So since homecoming's tomorrow- which we're going to lose because we WON our last game- we have spirit week at our school. Today we had something called senior for hire where anyone can buy a senior for $10 and all the money goes to the senior's prom. Once you buy your senior you can dress them up however you want! Seriously. I legit saw a guy in leather leggings, a black haired wig, a hot pink bra, and cropped black jacket. People were dressed as Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj, Tinker Bell, Fairies, LMFAO, 3 little pigs and the big bad, Santa and his elves, Sundroplets, and even a "Mean Girls" quote! I was in a stairwell with the LMFAO Beat Bot, a girl dressed as "Black Swan", and a guy dressed as Tinker Bell... with "Party Rock Anthem" playing.
I was in the band room taking pictures with band kids dressed up and just everyone. Here are some of the pictures we took:
(Bianca, my color guard captain as a unicorn, me, and Sydney)
(Me, Dominick as Peach, and Amy as Mario)
(Me with some people dressed as "Blue's Clues")
(It's blurry, but it's me and Sydney with a girl dressed as Avatar)
(Me with a girl dressed as Ash Ketchum.)
(Sydney with THE DANCING LOBSTERS!!!!)
(Mexican "men", LMFAO, and Beat Bot.)
(My color guard captain, my drum major, and my drum major's boyfriend.)

That's all for now! Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

Monday, October 17, 2011

Party hard, kid.

So yesterday was my birthday and I didn't do much. It started off with me almost going to a Sunday brunch, but everywhere good was booked. So my birthday breakfast/ lunch was at a diner next to a 6 foot tall Elvis statue that had cobwebs in it's crotch. My food was gross by the way. Then when I got home I didn't have much to do so I went to Emily's. We talked for an hour or so then I went with Emily and her mom to get birthday stuff for our Girl Scout troop leader's birthday. We picked out my troop leader's cake, candles, tons of helium balloons, and some flowers. Emily and I joked around at Shop Rite while the flowers got put in a vase.
At 3:30 I had to go home because I had dinner with family at 5:30 and I would have to leave at 5, so my mom wanted me to get ready and all that. At about 4:45 I hear a knock on the door so I go to get in thinking it's the UPS guy. What do I see when I open the door? 10 of my closest girlfriends holding a "Surprise! Happy birthday Kailyn!" sign, birthday presents, the balloons I picked out, the flowers I picked out, and even the cake I picked out! Yup, I had a traveling surprise party! It was crazy!
We had a party filled with hide and go seek in the dark, Sundrop, a broken closet door, me falling down the stairs, and white people dancing all while sober! (I felt the need to say that because... you know... high schoolers...) The party went on until 9- since we're so hard core- but it was an amazing girls night.
Now time to explain on why the picture says "With Evan on the side". Me and a bunch of my other friends are friends with this kid Evan who is always with one of us at a time. He's just awesome. I'll get a picture of us together at my "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Halloween party in 2 weeks. I'll post all the pictures from that and my surprise party ASAP. Well, I need to take a shower. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

P.S. OMG a new lay out? This is madness! THIS IS SPARTA!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

If it was a perfect day...?

Today I remembered an old writing prompt they told us to do in second grade. I didn't think much of it until watching an hour and a half of the MTV show "Awkward." The prompt was a simple: If you were to have a perfect day, how would it go? Since nothing else has really happened with my day today, why not rewrite it?

My bed suddenly bounces making the head board smack against my light purple wall. Although the sun was hardly up I could make- out the 2 figures of my best friends Emily and Sydney. Emily's brunette curls looked thicker and bouncier than usual and Sydney's hair was really long again and flat ironed. "Wake up sleeping beauty!" Emily yells to wake me up.
Sydney turns on my light and I rub my eyes. As I blink back into focus I realize I'm not baby- of- the- school- 13- year- old-Kailyn Wolffe. I'm 16- year- old- America's- Next- Top- Model Kailyn standing 5'10" and having super light blond hair reaching my waist. I look up at Emily and Sydney. Both of them were taller and older looking. Emily had on a white lace top and army green short shorts and Sydney had on a black tank top that had stripes of different colored sequins going across it with a pair of white short shorts. I look at my clock. I glower at the 2 of them.
"Guys, it's 5 AM. Please give me a good reason why you're here." I sigh walking over to my mirror. My skin was a lot tanner and my nose was thinner and more ski slope- like.
"Well," Sydney drags out. "Tonight is the Lily Brook Ball and you don't have a dress yet and we know you don't want to look like the idiot that wore jeans and a t- shirt in front of him, so Em and I figured what better place for you to get a dress than New York City?"
I smile widely. My mind clears up. The Lily Brook Ball was a dance that only the best of the best got to go to and he was the cutest boy I had ever seen that understood me and was funny and was just perfect. Emily rests her arm on my shoulder. "Plus, I happen to have tickets to the best show on Broadway."
I jump up and down. New York City, Wicked, Lily Brook Ball, and seeing the guy of the dreams all in one day? How much better could it get? I quickly get changed into a royal blue V- neck top and cuffed short shorts. I leave my hair down and we're out the door by 5:30 AM.
After a car ride filled with giggles and singing show tunes we reach New York City by 7:00 AM. We go into a little breakfast place in Manhattan where we get the world's best bagels for breakfast. Just as we're about to pay the bill the waiter stops us.
"No, no," He explains shaking his head. "Those nice boys over there paid for you. They said, 'Let us pay for those pretty ladies' meals.'"
Just as we turn our heads we realize the "boys" that paid for our meals were Cory Monteith and Kevin McHale. We jump up and down excitedly as we get their autographs and take pictures. By 8:30 we were going down Broadway to go inside to see "Wicked". Sadly, when we reach the door we find out our tickets were double sold. As we turn around and start to leave the theater depressed, a spark of luck occurs.
"Wait! Wait!" The ticket man call chasing after us. "Although your seats are taken, we do have some extra seats in the front row. If you don't mind it's in front of the orchestra and you'll be sitting next to Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliff so there will security guards around you."
Sydney links arms with Emily and I. "That will be perfectly fine."
We take our seats in wide smiles. "Wicked" was glamorous because- due to a stomach flu and strep throat that went around- the original cast of "Wicked" had to fill in for them. After we left the show we went to a fancy French restaurant. I look around the restaurant then laugh. "I think is the first time so far today we haven't run into a celebrity."
I was a little disappointed when we were paying for our bill I felt a tap on my shoulder. I look up to see a bleached blond, fair woman wearing a dress that could probably fit 8 people under it and heels taller than a guinea pig on it's hind legs. I stare at her blankly for a few seconds before I realize I'm standing face to face with the Lady Gaga. Sydney and Emily start silently cheering with each other. I was so star struck I couldn't even stutter words.
"Hey little monster, I'm lovin' the shoes," She comments adjusting her outlandish head piece. I look down then realize I'm wearing my black sneakers that I had written "Property of Gaga" in.
"I- I- I like your music." I stutter out. Everyone breaks out in hysterics. Gaga giggled.
"Stay beautiful, sweetie," She says patting me on the shoulder.
I smile and turn back to the group. We all cheer silently. Then it was time for dress shopping. After 4 hours and countless boutiques, stores, and even a mini mart we finally found the perfect dress. We got home at around 5 and I quickly got my hair done then did my make- up myself. Everything was perfect and seemed so right...
* * *
I walked down the long staircase of the Lily Brook Ballroom. Time seemed to stop for a second as I walked down the stairs in my royal blue gown that was tight fitting until it reached mid- shin where it flared out. The thick shoulder straps were slid off my shoulders. My hair was simple pulled back at the crown and everything that was tied back was curled. My eyes had wings painted on with a metallic light blue eye shadow.
Josh Groban music sung in my ears. He waited at the bottom of the stairs smiling and waiting for me. Sydney and Emily stood behind him giddy for me. He smiled even wider when I stood next to him. Even in my 2 inch Cinderella styled heels he was still taller than me. I bat my eyelashes at him and slyly smile back at him.
"Hey, beautiful," He finally blurts out.
"Hey," I peep with a giggle.
"May I have this dance?" He asks sticking his hand out.
I blush. "I gladly will."
As I went out there, in the center of the dance floor nothing felt important any more. The fact that I saw all the celebrities I love so much didn't mean a thing. The fact that I had Dylan and all his friends drooling over me on the sidelines was just as important as the last time I bought tomatoes. The fact that I had Maria envious of me seemed like it had been done so many times before. That moment of me feeling like a princess with him just made everything feel perfect.

Bless you. Love you.
Kailyn Wolffe

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Show Time!

No, this isn't another fashion post, but my friends and I decided to take model pictures today by going all out. We did full on MAC make- up, pretty dresses, and hair styling. These are the first pictures of me I'm posting from the front. These were taken of me, *Bianca, and Sydney. For Sydney and Bianca: If you want me to post more pictures of us or you guys message me via Facebook! My face looks kind of orange, because it's Bianca's make- up and she's obviously a lot tanner than me. So here are the pictures:
(Me doing an over the shoulder. Photo creds to Sydney and Bianca for the pose.)
(Me doing some-what Audrey Hepburn pose. Photo creds to Sydney)
(Me just being a sweetie! Photo creds to Sydney.)
(Bianca and I. My eyes are closed intentionally. Photo creds to Sydney.)
(Sydney and me being sympathetic. Photo creds to Bianca.)

There are many more pictures, but I will need to get permission from Sydney and Bianca to show them. Post your opinions in the comments my lovelies! Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All the names marked with a "*" are NOT real. I made them up myself.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's not stalking, it's following at a close distance.

Due to many incidents today this post is going to be about *Dylan! And it will be full of Pretty Little Liars and Glee GIFs because I found the newest book cover recently and I just love Glee! I don't stalk him, he just sits some- what close to me in Spanish class and we're in the same gym period. So let the sta- following from a close distance stories begin!
Shut up Troian.

Let's start with some recent events. So we were in Spanish class where we have this guy Dylan calls Flipside. He calls him that because he naturally has this hair that sticks like 3 inches up in the air and he has, like, a square head. It's pretty funny looking actually. Any who, it was one of those days where my Spanish teacher didn't really care what we did as long as we weren't throwing stuff out the window- we're on the second floor of the school and the gym classes are right out the window. Dylan just had to tell "Flipside" what he saw at the store the other day. The conversation went like this:

Dylan: "Hey! Flipside! Yesterday I was at the store and I, legit, saw this cereal that was called Flipside! I took a picture of it on-"
Mrs. Spanish- Teacher: "If you're going to have conversations they need to be in Spanish!"
Dylan: "...mi teléfono."

It was so clever and so funny. The other day Dylan was in Spanish class when he randomly started showing off his abs- you know my reaction is going to be bad from the start of this- and kept showing them off for what felt like 5 minutes. Since this post only has Glee and Pretty Little Liars GIFs I can't use my Stephan Colbert GIF that was my actual reaction in my mind. But if you add up these reactions, it's about equal to what I did/ wanted to do in the middle of that classroom:

That's about right. Those were the best times with Dylan- wow, that sounds like we've been married for 5 yeas and he just died. Now time for the embarrassing times. It was last week's football game and I was joking around with Sydney about the Sun Drop commercial- where they play that song "Drop it Like it's Hot" in the background and the lady dancing in random places- like we always do. For whatever reason we were "dropping it" 10x more hardcore, I guess you could say, more than usual. So we're walking back to the stands screaming "Drop it like it's hot! 'Cause I got it going on!" and looking like this in my ugly brown sweatpants that give me a camel toe and a saggy butt at the same time:
(I looked like Dianna Agron [the girl in the middle] and Sydney looked like Heather Morris [the girl to the left of Di].)

Then I hear the worst thing you can hear while purposely looking like a sexy fail and that's, "Hey Kailyn!" I turned to my right and my face turned tomato red. Who do I see laughing their heads off? *Katy, *Brynn, Dylan, and a couple of their friends. I'm not saying it was rude of them to laugh- because I would totally do the same- it was just the fact that I know and was somewhat close with caught me acting like a complete idiot. It was pretty funny though. All I could do was shrug it off. Now here's my favorite part that I've been dying to do forever...
                          Perks of being 5'7":                                             Disadvantages of being 5'7":
                        -You can reach stuff high up.                               -Teachers are at boob level on you.
                        -Upper half lockers are no problem.                    -You're taller than Dylan.

Yes, it's true. Chris is only 5'6" or 5'5". XD It's quite sad actually. Maybe someday he'll catch up. Well, I need to get back to "Project Runway"- they're runway show is coming up! Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

P.S. Rest in piece Steve Jobs. Without you, I wouldn't be able to play Angry Birds on my iTouch while my mom is taking hours trying to find the perfect dress at J.C. Penny's.
Steve Jobs Dead

*All names marked with a "*" are NOT real. I made them up myself.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weeeee are the champions!!!

So yesterday was my first official football game working with the equipment for the marching band. I quickly discovered it's a lot more work than you would think. To start out we- me, Sydney, *Bianca, and 2 other people- had to write out jobs. I was in charge of the long ranger- it's kind of like a bull horn and a stereo that has a microphone attached to it for the solos, Bianca and another girl were in charge of setting up the yard markers and bottle head bands for "The Bottle Dance" number, and Sydney and the other guy had to set up the 5'5", 50 pound podium for the drum majors to conduct on. That only took about 10 minutes.
Before the game I learned how much goes into the band uniforms. To start they usually wear shorts, the band T- shirt, and black knee high socks. Then they have these snow pant type pants that go over the shorts- they're black with built in suspenders.Over that goes a jacket that hooks in the back with a zipper, 3 snaps, and hook on the neck. To top it off there are the hats with feathers on top, marching shoes, and gloves. I was in Mr. Band- Director's office when a girl cam in with the side of her pants broken. Mr. Band- Director said she should try to find someone to pin them back together, but since I was in the room I offered to fix them for her. I then got to fix 2 other people's pants XD. I went back in the band room to discover a lot of people were having trouble with their jackets, since I was already changed in my color guard uniform- even though I'm not technically in color guard yet I still do dances in the stands with them- I decided to go around and zip, hook, and snap people's uniform for them. As a joke the band kids say, "I need a hooker" to get someone to hook their uniform. I also braided 3 girls' hair- the unwritten band hairstyle.
Before we lined up I needed to get all the equipment set up on the cart to wheel it over to the field which took a few minutes. When there were 6 minutes left on the scoreboard till halftime, we remembered we still had to fix the yard markers- the yard lines weren't correct for the band so we had to use pieces of paper and a Sharpee marker and most of the papers had ripped. I got to sit on the ground a scribble out all the numbers really quickly. We lined them all up when there was a minute and 30 seconds left like we were supposed to, but our football team was like a certain football player from the NFL....

So every 2 seconds there was a time out or they just had to set the ball back up. Eventually the football players got bored and started stepping on the yard markers, so of course I had to go out and move them. I don't think I told you this, but although I'm about 5'7" I'm the tiniest thing. It was quite terrifying to go up to the 6'5", 200 pound, fully padded football player and say "Excuse me" to move a yard marker back. Lucky me had to move 3 yard markers. It wasn't that bad though, because most of them moved without even looking up at me. Then I had to set up the long ranger.
These are the pieces needed for setting up the long ranger:

(Objects from left to right) Sound piece, stand, and microphone

So to set this up, by yourself, you need to start by setting up the 10 pound stand that likes to open easily until you stand in front of all the cheerleaders and the football team. After much struggle, you can finally get it open. Next, you have to put the- despite looks- 25 pound sound piece on top the set. Then you need to carry the 15 pound microphone stand over the benches and out to the 45 yard line. Once you think it's perfect, you discover the long ranger needs to be put on the track, so when you think you can just pick it up and move it the stand closes up. The lucky person then gets to twist the sound piece off and start back at square one- minus carrying the microphone out. After struggling to do this in a minute and a half, you get to sit back and watch the show.
Luckily all my hard work paid off. No we didn't win the game. We actually lost 0- 35. I got complimented for all my hard work by Mr. Band- Director. Since I had to go through his office to go from the supply closet to leave out the band room door, I said good- bye to him and said I had a lot of fun, which I did. Then he said, "Kailyn you were great today. You just came out of no where then helped with the equipment, the pinning, and the uniforms. I can tell we're going to have a good year." I calmly thanked him, but in my head I was thinking:
Excitement GIFS | No Way GIFS

Although I had to do a lot, I can't wait for the next game! It's going to be the day before my birthday (October 15th is the game day)! The captain of color guard is going to teach me some flag basics on Tuesday so I'm so excited! I'm also going on my trip to Europe this summer!!!! I can't wait for that. It's going to be my first time over the ocean and away from my family for more than a week (2 weeks to be exact). Hopefully this good streak will last. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All of the names marked with a "*" are NOT real. I made them up myself.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Suburgatory" Review

I loved Suburgatory! It was so cute. For all of you non- suburban people, here are some of the true facts. Some of them are quite shocking.

  • Puke colored houses- This was brought up when the main character Tessa saw the color of her new house. For whatever reason, suburban house contractors like the shades of puke.
  • Really quiet mornings- This was brought up when Tessa woke up and it was dead silent. That is too true. In my neighborhood, the loudest noises we hear are a garbage or recycling truck and that's only 2 days a week.
  • Mother, Daughter Mani Pedis- This was brought up when Tessa was stereotyping the suburbs. This isn' too popular for my age group, but when I was 10 or younger. It's more for fun then the status of it.
  • Frozen coffee drinks- This was brought up when Tessa was stereotyping the suburbs. I didn't realize this was such a big thing till this show. We have 3 iced coffee places in my mall! I love frozen coffee and drink it every time I go to my mall... which is a lot. Wow... I'm a stereotype!
  • Orange people with light blond hair- This was brought up when Tessa's dad reunited with his high school friend. A lot of people people have these orangy tans- some are natural oddly- and have light blond hair. I have blond hair, but it's natural. They didn't mention that girls also have almost black hair.
  • Texting without looking up- This was brought up when a girl fell in a pool while texting. Everyone does this in my school. Everyone.
  • Moms with boob jobs- This was brought up every minute. Not every mom has a boob job, but more than the average town.
  • Stay at home moms that drive SUVs- This was brought up every minute. I know a lot of stay at home moms that have SUVs. Not my family though, we have a mini van. (:
  • Energy drinks- This was brought up every minute. They specifically used Red Bull in Suburgatory, but only really guys drink Red Bull here. Most girls drink Monster. I don't drink energy drinks though. They're gross. And give you acne.
  • Lots of hair extensions- This was brought up when one of the suburban moms was showing off her daughter's room. A lot of girls in my school wear extensions, but I like natural hair.
  •  Flat ironed hair- This was brought up when Tessa was talking about one of the popular girls. Almost every girl in my school owns a flat iron. I have owned 2 of my own flat irons so far. There's just something about straight hair here...
  • Tiny clothes- This was brought up when they went to the mall. Everyone in my school owns a pair of short shorts. Gym class is like a Soffee shorts extravaganza. I probably get yelled at by my mom every day about my clothes being too revealing. Don't blame me. Blame the suburbs.
  • The "dad couch"- This was also brought up at the mall. At the mall there's always a couch outside the stores that the dad's sit on. My step- dad's favorite one is the one outside Forever 21.
  •  Everyone wears a push- up bra- This was brought up at the mall. It's hard to find girls wearing sports bras here. Most girls get their first push up after they get a training bra. I only really on push ups and a t- shirt bra.
  • Perverted boys- This is brought up when they show a- believe it or not- a perverted boy. True statement. Nuff said.
  • People give each other bras- This is brought up when a mom gives Tessa a bra. My friends and I do this all the time! I have probably 3 donated bras.
I hope you liked this post! That's all for now. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe