Monday, October 17, 2011

Party hard, kid.

So yesterday was my birthday and I didn't do much. It started off with me almost going to a Sunday brunch, but everywhere good was booked. So my birthday breakfast/ lunch was at a diner next to a 6 foot tall Elvis statue that had cobwebs in it's crotch. My food was gross by the way. Then when I got home I didn't have much to do so I went to Emily's. We talked for an hour or so then I went with Emily and her mom to get birthday stuff for our Girl Scout troop leader's birthday. We picked out my troop leader's cake, candles, tons of helium balloons, and some flowers. Emily and I joked around at Shop Rite while the flowers got put in a vase.
At 3:30 I had to go home because I had dinner with family at 5:30 and I would have to leave at 5, so my mom wanted me to get ready and all that. At about 4:45 I hear a knock on the door so I go to get in thinking it's the UPS guy. What do I see when I open the door? 10 of my closest girlfriends holding a "Surprise! Happy birthday Kailyn!" sign, birthday presents, the balloons I picked out, the flowers I picked out, and even the cake I picked out! Yup, I had a traveling surprise party! It was crazy!
We had a party filled with hide and go seek in the dark, Sundrop, a broken closet door, me falling down the stairs, and white people dancing all while sober! (I felt the need to say that because... you know... high schoolers...) The party went on until 9- since we're so hard core- but it was an amazing girls night.
Now time to explain on why the picture says "With Evan on the side". Me and a bunch of my other friends are friends with this kid Evan who is always with one of us at a time. He's just awesome. I'll get a picture of us together at my "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Halloween party in 2 weeks. I'll post all the pictures from that and my surprise party ASAP. Well, I need to take a shower. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

P.S. OMG a new lay out? This is madness! THIS IS SPARTA!!

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