Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Small Acts of Sympathy

So I'm sure you guys have heard of my friend *Bianca. Well, today at color guard practice Bianca got a call from her Nana saying that her mom was in the Emergency Room. Bianca was embarrassed crying in front of people she's only known for about a week. But when she was in the hallway with a few tears dripping down her face, just about every person that pasted asked what was wrong and if she was alright. It's hard to believe that if she did this during a normal school day, most of the popular kids who she's known for years would just walk right by, yet these people in marching band that she hardly knows are comforting her. I think that just the fact these people stopped to tell her everything was going to be okay cheered Bianca up a bit. There were a lot of hugs like these going around Bianca:

And my favorite:

Hopefully Bianca's mom is okay. I have tomorrow and Friday off for a Jewish new year, so I have a sleepover with Emily tomorrow night. (: Don't be surprised if I don't post anything tomorrow. The show premiere of Suburgatory is on tonight. It's a show about a girl who moves from New York City to the suburbs and everyone in the suburbs is plastic. I want to see realistic it is from my town. From the looks of it, it's pretty accurate. I'm either going to make a new post for my review on it or just edit this one with an update. It should be interesting.
I missed "Glee" last night! D: Plus Hulu's being a butt now so I can't watch it. According to my friends it has a lot of inside jokes in it. I'm watching "The Middle" right now and who do I see? CHORD OVERSTREET!! In case you don't know know, Chord Overstreet played Sam on "Glee" and in case you forgot who Sam was, here's a hint:

*Mouth waters* Well I have to go. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe


*All names marked with a "*" are NOT real. I made them up myself.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why is Angry Birds so addictive?

Heyyy beautiful people. At 4 AM this morning I had a bad dream so I played Angry Birds for an hour then fell back asleep. I wasn't a happy camper in the morning. I had GSA and we're planning for National Coming Out Day at school, so that was fun. Everyone liked my idea to wear purple- which is the color for Gay Rights in case you didn't know. We will also have our Pride Flag hanging for the event. I have to bring in glitter for the posters we're making. It will be so much fun!
In my morning classes we aren't doing much. In Fashion Design we're designing uniforms. My winter/fall uniform consists of motor jackets, scalloped tank tops, skinny jeans, and combat boots. For spring/summer I was thinking high waisted shorts, striped thick strapped tank tops, an optional blazer, and flats for the shoes. Then another look with a strapless floral romper, a cardigan, and flats. It looks pretty good so far considering I haven't even finished the first outfit yet. I'm limited to eight pieces so I'll just pretend it's a uniform for an all girls school.
The best class was gym class though. My friend *Renna and I were leaning against the wall pretending to look at my friend *Lexi as we talked when we were both actually looking at *Dylan. Renna was joking around about Dylan's shirt that had the panda logo for some wildlife organization- we said it was pretty since the background was black and the panda was rainbow. Then Dylan lifted up his shirt to wipe his face. This was Renna and I's reaction when we saw his abs:

Lol jk That is such an understatement. It was actually like this:

Maybe a little more dramatic, but no one can prove anything... unless you look at the tape. Our school's weird, they have camera's all around it so they can know our every move. After I pointed out that our school had cameras everywhere and someone could have seen our mellow dramatic reaction, Renna suggested we get the tape, rewind to when Dylan lifted up his shirt, and "rape the rewind button when he puts his shirt back down". So my day was easily made in gym class.
That's all for now- I have an early dinner to attend to. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All the names marked with a "*" are NOT real. I just made them up.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday back!

Unfortunately, it's Monday. This morning was pretty good, early afternoon/late morning was bad, end of the day was good again! So this morning I wore jeans then realized I should wear shorts so I got changed and put my lunch money in my shorts, but my parents thought they were too short so I brought them to school with me to change into after gym class since I have my class with the hottest classroom in it. This morning though my friend *Lexi had a skirt on and she didn't like wearing a skirt so I let her wear my shorts. My friend got excited because I'm really skinny and she was able to fit in my shorts, so the joke of the day was, "It's an accomplishment to get in Kailyn's pants." I hope you get the pun there. The other joke had to do with Spanish class on Friday where we had to describe the person 2 seats away from us- which moving over a row would make me have to describe *Dylan. I was thinking of words to describe him and thought jokingly, "I can't say sexy beast in Spanish and saying hombre I want in my pantalones would just be awkward..."
Then, for whatever reason, everyone wanted to stop and talk to their friends in huge groups of 10 in front of the cafeteria, so it took me a lot of shoving and "excuse me's" to get into the cafeteria. Then once I got to my table I realized something, my lunch money was still in the pocket of the pants *Lexi was wearing. Luckily I have some very nice friends that loaned me some money for lunch.
There was something about the end of my day was very good. I didn't do much so that's probably why. Now it's time for a segment I like to call:

The girl fact of the day:
Or in other words, things I just realize I do a lot that mainly girls only do. Girls share/borrow clothes a lot. Today was the forth time this month that I have borrowed/let someone borrow clothes. Seriously though. I borrowed a pair of Sydney's socks 3 weeks, Sydney borrowed a shirt and sweater from me 2 weeks ago, I borrowed Taylor's tank top on Friday, and *Lexi borrowed my shirt today. I don't know whether it's the fact most girls are very unprepared- I admit that- or girls are just indecisive- I also admit.
That leads me to the other fact. Most girls are very indecisive about what they wear. I probably go through 2 or 3 outfits in the morning to choose what I'm going to wear. Before I joined color guard- I had my first very rainy game last Friday- I would change my outfit before the football. Also, for guys, if a girl has to redo or fix her make- up, tell her she's pretty and if she insists you let her. Some girls use make- up for confidence or a comfort. You should just let her go with what she wants. This GIF clearly expresses a teenage girl's average morning- trust me, parties are much worse.:

I love GIFs. Well, that's all for now. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All names marked with a "*" are NOT real. I made them up

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

* Welcome to the third person perspective of the end of my day. *

Kailyn laughs finishing up her conversation about Victoria's Secret's perfumes/body sprays with Katy and practically runs into the locker room. She sighs with relief that the bell still hasn't rung yet. Unfortunately as soon as she gets her top on, the bell rings which means she has about a minute to finish changing. After a super quick change and making it outside with 30 seconds to spare. For whatever reason Kailyn's gym class went outside and walked around the school.
Kailyn and Sydney came up with their Halloween costumes and what they were going to do for Halloween. Kailyn quickly realized that today was going to be a very hot considering she was gently sweating in short shorts and a t- shirt. After the really random walk around the school, Kailyn and her class went inside to the 3rd gym. Yes, the school has 3 gyms, a work out room, 2 football fields, a beach volleyball field, 2 baseball fields, a soccer field, a field hockey... field, and a track. When they got into the un- air conditioned gym, everyone started sweating like crazy to, as Mrs. Gym-Teacher quotes, "insane workouts".
By the end of the gym class, Kailyn smelled, her clothes smelled, everything/everyone smelled. Everyone was also drenched in sweat. As Kailyn walked through the double doors back into the main gym dosed off in space, she turned to see *Dylan pulling off his shirt. Even though he was wearing a guy tank top (Guessing they're called that...) it was a sheer white one, so she could see his toned soccer player abs. She made a face similar to this one when she saw those delicious Italian washboards:

Luckily no one was watching when she did that. Unfortunately when she got back to Spanish class, that she has with Dylan and Maria, looking really awful. So when Kailyn ran into her sauna- like Spanish room, Dylan looked perfect by the only fan in the classroom with his luscious brunette hair blowing in the gentle breeze and Maria- who Kailyn thinks has a thing for Dylan- was sitting there perfectly like:
(Her looks almost saying, "Come in darling! Dylan's watching!")

And Kailyn ran in sweating like a pig, pretty sure her bra was sticking out, hair destroyed, make- up smeared, and faking a smile. In short it looked like this.
Cryring surprised
(Thinking: "Haha! Haha! I'm crying inside...")

Everyone just kind- of awkwardly stared as Kailyn awkwardly took her seat. Kailyn tried not to make much eye contact with people in her class. Luckily, during Kailyn's FCCLA meeting she made more friends. After her dance class one girl even complimented her, so Kailyn's day went pretty well after Spanish class. In fact, in her FCCLA meeting they were playing an ice breaker game where you had to ask questions in a circle and if you answered the question, repeated the question, or hesitated you were out. So, Kailyn had a guy and 2 girls who she was some- what friendly with. One of them as a joke asked the guy, "Did you have your period?" and he laughed so hard he got out. Then later this one girl as a joke was going to ask "Do you have a tampon?", but the girl before her asked if she liked pizza. So when she was about to ask her question it came out as, "Do you like tampons?" Hysterical. Well that's all for now. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

P.S. RIP Jamey Rodemeyer. Those people should have never bullied you to the point to make that awful decision. You were born that way little monster. Mama Monster is praising you now and helping your cause. Hopefully it will go far.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Long Time No Talk!

I've been a busy bee since we last talk! Yeah, Emmys are over- I just wanted to talk in my Emmy voice. I have joined a ton of clubs! I've joined JSA, GSA, Band Equipment Management, Human Relations Club, and the crew for the play! I'm just going to sum up what happened today, because it's the most exciting day this week but we'll touch up on other things.
So today I wanted to join color guard, but I was too late to join so I talked to the band director so I'm in charge of laying out the color guard's flags and helping with electronics. I know it sounds lame, but in the spring I'll be in color guard in the spring for a parade. It should be a lot of fun since I have friends in the color guard and the band. Like I said earlier the theme is Fiddler on the Roof so I bet I'm going to be sick of the music by the end of the football season.
The season premiere of Glee was on last night and I loved it! The music was so good and Chris Colfer did ah-mazing job of course! I just saw the season premiere The Middle and it was... eh. I don't really like The Middle anymore just because... it isn't really funny anymore. Watching Modern Family right now and it's so funny! I've loved Modern Family much more since I got the season 1 DVDs. What I don't get is why they took the girl who played Lily- who's supposed to be, like, 2 now- by a 4 year old! It's weird. My family came up with who my family is like in Modern Family.

  • Claire- My Mom- She has a lot of rules. XD
  • Phil- My Step Dad- He's the fun parent that bases his parenting off of peerenting.
  • Hailey- Me!- I'm a stereotypical teenager like Hailey.
  • Alex- My Sister- She's annoying and obnoxiously smart.
  • Luke- My Step Brother- Luke is... special.
That's all for now!
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Have a laugh!

*WARNING: This post is full of lame Emmy puns.

Presenting! Kailyn Wolffe's review of the 63rd annual Emmys! *Runs out on stage in white gown with silver accents.

Right now I'm watching the Emmy's and LMFAO at Jane Lynch's performance. Do you wanna know what else makes me LMFAO? LMFAO's newest music video! All it pretty much is, is Redfoo dancing around in a Speedo. Here's the video for, my theme song, "Sexy and I Know It":

Lookin' sexy Redfoo! Loving the "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" line. *Fake laughs* I am extremely upset that Project Runway didn't win best reality competition show! Let's face it, no one wanted Gretchin to win *Dramatic wink*... okay no one got that one let's move on. Modern Family has won 5 awards already! I admit it's a good show, but Chris Colfer totally deserved the Best Supporting Actor Award. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart won an award, but I like The Colbert Report a little more than Jon Stewart so I was a bit upset.

There was a performance all about sex. I mean, what isn't about sex now-a-days? *Fake laughs* It had "3- Way (Golden Rule)" and "I Just Had Sex". What I don't get is when "3- Way (Golden Rule)" won an award, the guy who wrote the song dedicated the award to his 14 year old daughter... I'm guessing his daughter got a little Bow- Chicka- Wow- Wow! *Fakes a laugh*

More news will be posted after these messages!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 9- Every dayum shufflin.

Sorry I couldn't post about day 9 yesterday. I went from home, to school, to the orthodontist, to the football game, to my bed. Now my legs and mouth hurt from walking around and making out with all the football players at the game too much... lol jk I only wish. I walked around and talked a lot at the football game, but my mouth only hurts from getting my braces tightened. Agenda for this post will be: Quick summary of school, talking about the football game, and what I've done so far today... Let's get started!
School was okay. We had a class election first period, so I didn't get to go to fashion design. :( At least my extremely hug-a-ble friend *Mike won the election! I was talking to my friend *Destiny in gym class yesterday when *Dylan and one of his friends run over. Of course right as I'm about to open my mouth to talk to him, what do the gym teachers do? They blow the whistle and yell, "Everyone get into your squads!" *Heart plummets* There's always Monday? I have to "read" chapters 2 and 3 of To Kill a Mockingbird this weekend. By that I mean I'll just skim through it and once I remember what happened in those chapters I'll hang out with someone.
The football game was pretty good, actually. We still lost- 32 to 22 or something like that- but I talked to this senior named James who told me last year out of our first five games our point average per game was 3 points. As usual, I didn't actually pay attention to the game. I met and talked to a ton of people who I'll- most likely- never meet again. Here's the #1 conversation starter: Jenna Marbles. Not Justin Bieber, not Lady Gaga's newest outfit, Jenna Marbles. Don't know who she is? She's a Youtube star on the rise. Guys watch her because she's hot. Girls watch her because she's hysterical. Jenna's most famous for her video where she makes "the face" that you can use to get people to stop talking to you with. It goes something like this:

Sexy right? If you start talking about her- or even quoting her for that matter- people will laugh and probably join in! I met a ton of people that way. Why am I bringing this up also? So Jenna has one video where she makes fun of Sarah Palin and takes her top off. I was doing a "Sexy Sarah" impression where I stuck my chest forward and squished my boobs together when who walks by, but 3 of the freshman football players I've know since 4th grade. One of the guys went bug- eyed when they saw me since 1) I'm sexy. 2) He had never seen me acting like that. The guys of course walked down to the end of the stands then walked back, so I jokingly did my impression again for them to make them smile. The band had a good performance, but *Bianca, Sydney, and I had to leave early since I had a killer head ache.
Sydney and I had a sleepover last night and went to the mall this morning. Once she left I changed into sweatpants and an oversized T- shirt. I'm hopefully seeing Emily and Sydney tomorrow. Well, I need to go make dinner. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All names marked with a "*" are NOT real. They are just made up.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 8... or day 7 1/2

Phew! What a work out! I just got back from my jazz class. I'm so tired even though class is only an hour long. This is my second class in years. I did dance for 3 years when I was really little. Then I quit. For whatever reason I wanted to get started up again. We're working on a dance to "I Wanna Go" and it's turning out to be epic. For not doing dance for so long then starting up again, I think I'm doing pretty well; though my hip joints are killing me.

So today was a half day- *silently cheers*- so everything went pretty fast. The highlight of the day was joining clubs. Some clubs I'm sure I'm joining JSA, Human Relations Club, Becca's Closet, and- drum roll please- Gay Straight Alliance! No, I'm not gay or bi, I'm just a big supporter in the LGBTQ community. I'm so excited! A lot of my friends are joining, so it should be fun! The people in the club seem nice also. A lot of people recommend to join clubs- looks really good for college.
We just started reading To Kill a Mocking Bird in school. I have to finish reading that soon. I know this is sort of random, but I'm watching Project Runway and I love it when they're doing the side interviews and the people restate their questions so much you know what they were asked. Like in the last episode where the person Becky left and she was doing her goodbye interview and she said, "No, I don't think I went as far as I wanted." I always think, "Wow, I wonder what question they asked." (Sarcasm noted). Am I the only one that does that? (Mumbles) No you aren't Kailyn. I do that all the time! Oh thank you whoever said that!
I started drawing designs in my fashion design class! I love designing so much! I luckily have a template to follow for my clothes. The shape of my first dress looks like this:

I have a brown belt going across the waist. I think the colors will be a beige/ivory on the top and carrot orange at the bottom. There are matching orange buttons going down the front. It looks adorable in my opinion! My other design is a more casual look. It's a cropped, black and white striped, loose fitting T- shirt with high wasted boyfriend jeans- still working on the jeans though. Once I finish I'll post my designs on here. Any suggestions to design will be great.
Well I have to watch the end of Project Runway! Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fashion Forward Day 7

"Ooh, ooh, la, la, la. We love designer."

-Lady Gaga, Fashion

Yes everyone, it's part 2 of my fashion post! Here's the schedule of this post. It will start with more of my fashion discussion then move on to what happened in school today. Now let's continue more with fashion. Another trending style I'v been seeing are messenger/over-the-shoulder bags specifically vintage Coach styled- leather with a buckle lock. My favorite one of these bags was one my almost-friend *Tabitha has. It's a vintage Coach that is white leather and has tan leather on the inner part of the strap and on the stitching. It's so fetch (Mean Girls <3).
The funny thing about fashion is you can take a look at something so outrageous in a runway show or editorial and pick out what's going to be in style. Take this Prada editorial for example:

I don't know about you, but I think those hats are adorable and hysterical! Now, I know most of you will take one look at those hats and say, "Ew, I would never wear one of those." Look closely at the hats though. You can tell fur hats will be in style. Don't like fur hats? Bright color hats will really lighten up this fall and winter. Fashion isn't always what it seems. That is the end of today's fashion report.

Now time to move onto school. Tabitha and I are talking a lot more. What's a lot of fun is we had to go to a guidance thing, and rather than talking to the 2 other girls with us she talked to me! *Katy and I also talked after biology. What I find really interesting is the guys who never looked twice at me in middle school are talking to me in math class. In Spanish class there's this really nice girl who sits next to me named *Sara. She was quiet when we first met, but now we're becoming closer. There's this other girl in my Spanish class named *Maria, or as I like to call her Bit (big tits... I make a lot of movie references). She's a big one of these girls in my school:
She actually does kind of look like Jwoww and Snooki. From the hair, to the tan, to the boobs... except hers are real.

I wanted to get her to like me, so I tried talking to her for the first time because in my mind it goes like this. Talking -> More Talking -> Friendship -> Make More Friends -> Awesome High School Party Invites. I know it's unlikely, but I'm onto stage 2 with Katy and Tabitha! I needed to talk to her at some point to start the awesome party scale, so I looked for my first greeting that I found in her soccer uniform. Our very, very, very, very short end of the day conversation went like this:

Me: "Your name's Maria, right?" (Well no duh, I've known you sense seventh grade summer camp, I have friends talk about you and your massive boobs, we're Facebook friends, plus we have 2 classes together... in a row... that we just went to!"
Maria: "Yeah."
Me: "Good luck at the soccer game tonight."
Maria: *In an actual happy tone* "Oh, thank you!"

Then we both ran off to our lockers and left for the bus. My first interaction with Maria was pretty good in my opinion! I have talked to a lot of populars and gotten the "Oh...thanks..." response and I could tell Maria actually meant her thank you. I'll try to get a few more words in with Maria tomorrow and give you a review on that. I have to go now- Bones is on! Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

P.S. Glee Countdown! 6 days, 2 hours, and 7 minutes!

*All the names marked with a "*" are NOT real. I made them up.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion Filled Day 6

"Fashion, put it all on me. Don't you wanna see these clothes on me? Fashion, put it all on me. I am anyone you want me to be."

-Lady Gaga, Fashion

Since nothing really happened in school today, this post is about, you guessed it, fashion! Since I'm in a Fashion Design I class in school, I was inspired to write about fashion. Now when you first think of fashion, most of you think of clothes. I don't know why, but some runway outfits are just plain crazy. I mean, take a look at this Alexander McQueen designs!:

I'm not saying the gowns aren't gorgeous, but I have no clue where I would wear a dress like that! Some trends I've been noticing some trends this year already. Here's some of the trends I've noticed in clothes AND make- up:

  • Boots/Combat Boots
  • Cap Sleeved Sweaters
  • Animal Patterns (Mainly Cheetah)
  • Mini Skirts
  • Silver Eyeshadow, Black Eyeliner, and Thick Eyelashes.
  • Low Eyebrows with Not Much Arch
  • Neutral Colors with a Dash of Red
Sorry I couldn't write much today. I'll write more and continue on this tomorrow.

Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sleeping Through Day 5

I couldn't fall asleep last night for whatever reason and somehow my mom messed up my alarm clock so it was 15 minutes fast. I was really tired overall. I was very annoyed at my English teacher today. Since it was 9:30 and I was still really tired when I got to her class I was a little crabby. I got really annoyed that I had to take pre- reading notes on To Kill a Mockingbird since I already read most of it, but what are you going to do?
In homeroom I had a good conversation with *Tabitha. I'm still debating whether she actually wanted to talk to me or she just had no one to talk to. I don't care though since Tabitha's nice to me. After Biology *Katy and I walked to gym together. We're starting to become closer and are almost becoming friends. Katy sparked up a conversation today for a change. Her starting a conversation is bigger than it sounds since I only have so many conversation starters.
I just realized I never told you guys about my best friend Emily. I was the new girl in my town in 4th grade and had no clue who anyone was or where anything was. Emily was the girl who got me from the office and showed me where everything was. I never mentioned her on here since this is mainly a school based blog and Emily and I don't have any classes together this year- not even lunch :(. The reason why I brought her up is we're probably going to hang out this weekend and there will be a post about it if we do- with pictures! Here's a picture of us in my front yard.

Us before we went to see the "Glee! Live Concert Movie"- which we're featured in! Our shirts say Lopez and Pierce since we're as close as Brittney and Santana.

So today was another gym class day where it felt like we were walking in looking like this (Yes,we're the cast of The Secret Life of an American Teenager.):

I knew we weren't because everyone- including the gym teachers- were looking at us like this:

^^  Chris Colfer forever <3. Any who, the new season of Glee is coming out  in one week, one day, 2 hours, and 49 minutes and I'm so excited! I have to finish going over my monologue for school. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All of the names marked with a "*" are NOT real. I just made them up.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 hard years...

10 years ago at 8:46 AM, the World Trade Center got hit with the first air plane. At 9:03- or 9:02, it's being debated- the second tower was hit and that was when America knew it was under attack. Another plane had crashed into the Pentagon and one- that was expected to crash into the White House- crashed in Pennsylvania when the passengers took over the plane from the high- jackers. In total 2,823 lives were lost.
I was only 3 years old when the attacks happen. I remember being at my babysitters house and her shooing me to the next room so I wouldn't be scarred mentally. If you are able to watch it without breaking out in tears, I recommend watching the documentary "102 Minutes That Changed America". They're clips filmed by average people and newscasters while the attacks are going on. It's very good.
My love and condolences go out to the the families that lost someone.
Bless you. Love you.
Kailyn Wolffe

Saturday, September 10, 2011

World's Greatest Football Team!

Yesterday I said I would post something about the game, but I didn't get home till like 10:30 and I was wiped out from waking up early all week. The football game started out well with us getting a touchdown (6 points) in the first quarter, but after we missed the field goal (1 point) it went down hill from there. After the team missed the field goal, Sydney, *Bianca, and I went on an "adventure"- which was just really us walking around the field.
I saw *Katy and *Brynn at the game. Katy waved to me, but Camille didn't seem to notice me. Sydney introduced me to these 2 guys *Matt and *Tom. They were a year younger than us, but they were funny and nice. I discovered that Matt knows my step- brother *Landon- my step- brother and I don't have the same last name. I don't if he was surprised in a good or a bad way that he was my step- brother. I'm also not sure how Matt knew Landon considering they go to different schools and other minor details. I don't really care though.
The marching band performed a half time show of If I Were a Rich Man, Match Maker, Match Maker, Sunrise Sunset, and The Bottle Dance all from Fiddler on the Roof. If you haven't seen Fiddler on the Roof and you like Broadway classics, I highly recommend seeing the movie. You have to see the one from the 80's that's 3 hours long though. I know it's long, but it's totally worth it! Here's my favorite scene:

Can you even imagine how much leg strength and practice that must take? I just started doing jazz dancing again and I can hardly get my turn perfected! The performance was really good, but they couldn't do their actual march because with all the rain they haven't gotten time to practice. I tried to get my friend to laugh the whole time. I got her to smirk by doing some messed up Jenna Marbles face- look up "How to Avoid People You Don't Want to Talk to" on Youtube if you don't know what I'm talking about.
It was all really fun. I got to talk to some of my- hopefully- co- actors in the school play. My friend *George who is 2 years older than me talked about Nathan Lane with me. We're both big fans of Mr. Lane. In the end my school lost 6 to 31. We're probably the worst team in the state. A few years ago our varsity team had to verse freshman to win homecoming! True story. Well, that's all for today. I have to go to a party soon, so that's all for now!
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All names marked with a "*" are NOT real names. I just made them up.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 4 of Madness.

Hey everyone! It's Friday, Friday. Before I get started on today's school report, I would like to inform you guys about something. If you have a Youtube account- which I know my friends that are reading already do- you can create a "blogger/blogspot" account, so you can not only follow That White Girl but create your own blog! I believe under my "Followers" tab you can click sign in. Just use your Youtube sign in and the rest is self explanatory.
So since I was late for my bus yesterday, I had to get fresh and go downstairs by 7:30 to make it to my bus in time. By the time I get down to the bus stop, I had to wait there for 8 minutes until the bus came! It was upsetting that I left early for nothing. *Sigh* What are you going to do? When I got to school I saw my friends! My friend *Bianca has an older sister that's a senior at my high school, so she told me what times I should go to my locker. (We don't have set locker times.)
I took her advise and went to my locker before gym class... Too bad I forgot I hadn't gone to Lab Biology yet which is before gym class. So I ran from the gym to my class. In case you're wondering, my Lab Biology class is on the other side of the school... on the second floor. I just made it on the bell and ran into class looking something like this:

Luckily, Mrs. Lab Biology likes me and let me off the hook. Hopefully I'll never do that again. In actual gym class, I waited to get my blood pressure checked with my friends in the sauna of a gym. For the second day in a row I didn't get my blood pressure checked. In Spanish class I talked to *Dylan. What did I talk to him about? I gave him directions to get from the gym the Spanish room. Well, I'm going to my high school's first football game in an hour- it's not homecoming though....- so I'll probably post about that later. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 3? More like day dream.

Okay, for starters, I was watching Modern Family yesterday- LOVE that show- and I saw a commercial for this new show called Subergatory. Basically, the show is about some girl who moves from New York City to a suburb and everyone in the suburb is pretty much a slut with a nose job. So while I'm watching this commercial, there's one scene where the girl end her super popular school "buddy" are at the mall and I realize something.

I own the pair of "slutty" shorts! I guess I'm more suburban stereotype than I thought. I just thought I should tell you guys that. Now let's get back to all my school stuff.
I almost missed my bus, again. (I hope someone picked up on my Forrest Gump reference.) It's honestly not my fault. My bus is supposed to come at 7:50, except yesterday it came at 7:40. So today, I left at 7:35 to be there early, and right after I'm in view of my bus stop the bus is already there! Ugh, I hate my bus already. I guess I'll leave at 7:30 tomorrow.
Today *Katy asked m to walk with her to gym! I felt so special! Now let's get to the title. So in gym class- everything happens in gym class!- I discovered that my best friend *Lexi has a super hot friend named *Dylan. I introduce myself and he shook my hand- very gentleman like. I thought had never seen this guy before, but when I get to Spanish class? *Dylan! He is- as the Spanish would say- muy caliente. I seriously hope we have some group projects in Spanish.
Speaking of Spanish class, my teacher is offering this program where she takes 50 kids from my high school and we get to travel around Paris, southern France, and Milan for 2 weeks this summer! I would love to visit Milan mainly because it is one of the fashion capitals of the world! Plus, I want to be a fashion reporter for a magazine one day. So far, things look optimistic! I'll keep you guys posted.
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All of the names listed are NOT real names. They are just made up.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 2 in a Very Hot Room

It was my second day of high school today and I've just realized a big problem. None of my classrooms have air conditioning! You may be saying "What's so bad about that?" Well where I live we've been having bipolar weather; in the morning it's been 52 degrees outside and by the afternoon it reaches 80 degrees in some classrooms. It's not fun to be in 80 degree weather in skinny jeans.
Enough with my complaining, let's move on with stories of the day. For starters I made it to my bus on time- *silent cheers*- and since my mom wasn't home to take a "first day of high school" picture of me, I got one today. What I find very funny is my history teacher (who for your sake as the reader I'm just going to call all the teachers Ms. Class they teach [i.e. Ms. Spanish I]) accidentally curses in class which is kind of funny considering she gasps and covers her mouth.
In my gym class I have 7 of my closest friends in it. Even though we see each other a lot, we usually greet each other like this:

And I'm not exaggerating. I don't know about you, but when I walk into a room talking and laughing with a big group of people I always feel a lot cooler for whatever reason. When I walked into the other gym- the teachers were going to tell the freshman and sophomore girls about lockers- I felt like I was walking in with my friends Sydney, *Dana, and *Lexi looking like this:

When we probably looked like this:

That's what friends are for I guess. Gym class was pretty boring all and all, but I got to giggle with my friends! I have to finally start my homework. (I know! Second day and homework?!?! *sigh...*)
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All names marked with a "*" are NOT real names. They are made up.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello everyone! You can call me Kailyn Wolffe. The best way to describe me is That White Girl. This blog is basically going to be about my high school days. Today was my very first day of freshman year. For starters I live in the suburbs. I don't know how much TV or movies you watch, but suburban girls are generally stereotyped to look something like this:

In other words; big sun glasses, duck faces, heavy eye make- up, fake hair, and fake tans... that are spoiled brats. Which is pretty accurate for most girls, but I'm not most girls. I'm probably one of the whitest girls in my grade that hardly wears more than mascara and foundation. Now, let's get back to my first day in my weird school.
After picking out my perfect outfit of an off the shoulder, sheer, white Leopord print top, dark grey tang top, and super skinny jeans, my day started out with it raining outside and me almost missing my bus that was 10 minutes early. Yup, I was that idiot who you see running down the street waving to the bus driver to stop. Luckily my bus driver stopped to get me. By the time I got to school I was so early my homeroom teacher wasn't even in her classroom yet. After about 5 minutes of wanderings around the halls my I got into my homeroom and- slowly but surely- the room filled with everyone. Most of the people I didn't know. As my homeroom teacher put us in our assigned seats, I realized I recognized the girl next to me.
I knew her name was *Tabitha. The thing with Tabitha was, she is one of those stereotypical suburban girls. Although she was one of those girls, she was very pretty. I admit I only knew who she was from one of her popular cheerleader friends in my middle school. After a few awkward minutes of only the peer leaders, homeroom teacher, and a couple of annoying boys talking, Tabitha started talking to me! In case you haven't picked up on this yet, I'm one of the girls who spends her Friday nights with one of her best girlfriends or alone. For a girl like Tabitha to talk to me, it was big.
After the peer leaders taught us how to Dougie- I don't even know why they taught us that- and Tabitha and I giving each other awkward smiles in between, homeroom was over. Tabitha and I conveniently had Fashion Design I together. Tabitha introduced me to her other gorgeous suburban girl friends *Katy and *Brynn. Katy and I had a couple other classes throughout the day and Katy even sat next to me in Lab Biology by her choice! My first day turned out pretty well in my opinion. I may talk more about my teachers in tomorrows post. My question for you guys today is, how was your first day of middle/high school? That's all for now!

Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All the names in here were created by me. NONE of the names marked with a "*" are real.