Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 hard years...

10 years ago at 8:46 AM, the World Trade Center got hit with the first air plane. At 9:03- or 9:02, it's being debated- the second tower was hit and that was when America knew it was under attack. Another plane had crashed into the Pentagon and one- that was expected to crash into the White House- crashed in Pennsylvania when the passengers took over the plane from the high- jackers. In total 2,823 lives were lost.
I was only 3 years old when the attacks happen. I remember being at my babysitters house and her shooing me to the next room so I wouldn't be scarred mentally. If you are able to watch it without breaking out in tears, I recommend watching the documentary "102 Minutes That Changed America". They're clips filmed by average people and newscasters while the attacks are going on. It's very good.
My love and condolences go out to the the families that lost someone.
Bless you. Love you.
Kailyn Wolffe

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