Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello everyone! You can call me Kailyn Wolffe. The best way to describe me is That White Girl. This blog is basically going to be about my high school days. Today was my very first day of freshman year. For starters I live in the suburbs. I don't know how much TV or movies you watch, but suburban girls are generally stereotyped to look something like this:

In other words; big sun glasses, duck faces, heavy eye make- up, fake hair, and fake tans... that are spoiled brats. Which is pretty accurate for most girls, but I'm not most girls. I'm probably one of the whitest girls in my grade that hardly wears more than mascara and foundation. Now, let's get back to my first day in my weird school.
After picking out my perfect outfit of an off the shoulder, sheer, white Leopord print top, dark grey tang top, and super skinny jeans, my day started out with it raining outside and me almost missing my bus that was 10 minutes early. Yup, I was that idiot who you see running down the street waving to the bus driver to stop. Luckily my bus driver stopped to get me. By the time I got to school I was so early my homeroom teacher wasn't even in her classroom yet. After about 5 minutes of wanderings around the halls my I got into my homeroom and- slowly but surely- the room filled with everyone. Most of the people I didn't know. As my homeroom teacher put us in our assigned seats, I realized I recognized the girl next to me.
I knew her name was *Tabitha. The thing with Tabitha was, she is one of those stereotypical suburban girls. Although she was one of those girls, she was very pretty. I admit I only knew who she was from one of her popular cheerleader friends in my middle school. After a few awkward minutes of only the peer leaders, homeroom teacher, and a couple of annoying boys talking, Tabitha started talking to me! In case you haven't picked up on this yet, I'm one of the girls who spends her Friday nights with one of her best girlfriends or alone. For a girl like Tabitha to talk to me, it was big.
After the peer leaders taught us how to Dougie- I don't even know why they taught us that- and Tabitha and I giving each other awkward smiles in between, homeroom was over. Tabitha and I conveniently had Fashion Design I together. Tabitha introduced me to her other gorgeous suburban girl friends *Katy and *Brynn. Katy and I had a couple other classes throughout the day and Katy even sat next to me in Lab Biology by her choice! My first day turned out pretty well in my opinion. I may talk more about my teachers in tomorrows post. My question for you guys today is, how was your first day of middle/high school? That's all for now!

Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All the names in here were created by me. NONE of the names marked with a "*" are real.

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