Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 9- Every dayum shufflin.

Sorry I couldn't post about day 9 yesterday. I went from home, to school, to the orthodontist, to the football game, to my bed. Now my legs and mouth hurt from walking around and making out with all the football players at the game too much... lol jk I only wish. I walked around and talked a lot at the football game, but my mouth only hurts from getting my braces tightened. Agenda for this post will be: Quick summary of school, talking about the football game, and what I've done so far today... Let's get started!
School was okay. We had a class election first period, so I didn't get to go to fashion design. :( At least my extremely hug-a-ble friend *Mike won the election! I was talking to my friend *Destiny in gym class yesterday when *Dylan and one of his friends run over. Of course right as I'm about to open my mouth to talk to him, what do the gym teachers do? They blow the whistle and yell, "Everyone get into your squads!" *Heart plummets* There's always Monday? I have to "read" chapters 2 and 3 of To Kill a Mockingbird this weekend. By that I mean I'll just skim through it and once I remember what happened in those chapters I'll hang out with someone.
The football game was pretty good, actually. We still lost- 32 to 22 or something like that- but I talked to this senior named James who told me last year out of our first five games our point average per game was 3 points. As usual, I didn't actually pay attention to the game. I met and talked to a ton of people who I'll- most likely- never meet again. Here's the #1 conversation starter: Jenna Marbles. Not Justin Bieber, not Lady Gaga's newest outfit, Jenna Marbles. Don't know who she is? She's a Youtube star on the rise. Guys watch her because she's hot. Girls watch her because she's hysterical. Jenna's most famous for her video where she makes "the face" that you can use to get people to stop talking to you with. It goes something like this:

Sexy right? If you start talking about her- or even quoting her for that matter- people will laugh and probably join in! I met a ton of people that way. Why am I bringing this up also? So Jenna has one video where she makes fun of Sarah Palin and takes her top off. I was doing a "Sexy Sarah" impression where I stuck my chest forward and squished my boobs together when who walks by, but 3 of the freshman football players I've know since 4th grade. One of the guys went bug- eyed when they saw me since 1) I'm sexy. 2) He had never seen me acting like that. The guys of course walked down to the end of the stands then walked back, so I jokingly did my impression again for them to make them smile. The band had a good performance, but *Bianca, Sydney, and I had to leave early since I had a killer head ache.
Sydney and I had a sleepover last night and went to the mall this morning. Once she left I changed into sweatpants and an oversized T- shirt. I'm hopefully seeing Emily and Sydney tomorrow. Well, I need to go make dinner. Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

*All names marked with a "*" are NOT real. They are just made up.

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