Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Long Time No Talk!

I've been a busy bee since we last talk! Yeah, Emmys are over- I just wanted to talk in my Emmy voice. I have joined a ton of clubs! I've joined JSA, GSA, Band Equipment Management, Human Relations Club, and the crew for the play! I'm just going to sum up what happened today, because it's the most exciting day this week but we'll touch up on other things.
So today I wanted to join color guard, but I was too late to join so I talked to the band director so I'm in charge of laying out the color guard's flags and helping with electronics. I know it sounds lame, but in the spring I'll be in color guard in the spring for a parade. It should be a lot of fun since I have friends in the color guard and the band. Like I said earlier the theme is Fiddler on the Roof so I bet I'm going to be sick of the music by the end of the football season.
The season premiere of Glee was on last night and I loved it! The music was so good and Chris Colfer did ah-mazing job of course! I just saw the season premiere The Middle and it was... eh. I don't really like The Middle anymore just because... it isn't really funny anymore. Watching Modern Family right now and it's so funny! I've loved Modern Family much more since I got the season 1 DVDs. What I don't get is why they took the girl who played Lily- who's supposed to be, like, 2 now- by a 4 year old! It's weird. My family came up with who my family is like in Modern Family.

  • Claire- My Mom- She has a lot of rules. XD
  • Phil- My Step Dad- He's the fun parent that bases his parenting off of peerenting.
  • Hailey- Me!- I'm a stereotypical teenager like Hailey.
  • Alex- My Sister- She's annoying and obnoxiously smart.
  • Luke- My Step Brother- Luke is... special.
That's all for now!
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

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