Sunday, September 18, 2011

Have a laugh!

*WARNING: This post is full of lame Emmy puns.

Presenting! Kailyn Wolffe's review of the 63rd annual Emmys! *Runs out on stage in white gown with silver accents.

Right now I'm watching the Emmy's and LMFAO at Jane Lynch's performance. Do you wanna know what else makes me LMFAO? LMFAO's newest music video! All it pretty much is, is Redfoo dancing around in a Speedo. Here's the video for, my theme song, "Sexy and I Know It":

Lookin' sexy Redfoo! Loving the "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" line. *Fake laughs* I am extremely upset that Project Runway didn't win best reality competition show! Let's face it, no one wanted Gretchin to win *Dramatic wink*... okay no one got that one let's move on. Modern Family has won 5 awards already! I admit it's a good show, but Chris Colfer totally deserved the Best Supporting Actor Award. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart won an award, but I like The Colbert Report a little more than Jon Stewart so I was a bit upset.

There was a performance all about sex. I mean, what isn't about sex now-a-days? *Fake laughs* It had "3- Way (Golden Rule)" and "I Just Had Sex". What I don't get is when "3- Way (Golden Rule)" won an award, the guy who wrote the song dedicated the award to his 14 year old daughter... I'm guessing his daughter got a little Bow- Chicka- Wow- Wow! *Fakes a laugh*

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