Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's not stalking, it's following at a close distance.

Due to many incidents today this post is going to be about *Dylan! And it will be full of Pretty Little Liars and Glee GIFs because I found the newest book cover recently and I just love Glee! I don't stalk him, he just sits some- what close to me in Spanish class and we're in the same gym period. So let the sta- following from a close distance stories begin!
Shut up Troian.

Let's start with some recent events. So we were in Spanish class where we have this guy Dylan calls Flipside. He calls him that because he naturally has this hair that sticks like 3 inches up in the air and he has, like, a square head. It's pretty funny looking actually. Any who, it was one of those days where my Spanish teacher didn't really care what we did as long as we weren't throwing stuff out the window- we're on the second floor of the school and the gym classes are right out the window. Dylan just had to tell "Flipside" what he saw at the store the other day. The conversation went like this:

Dylan: "Hey! Flipside! Yesterday I was at the store and I, legit, saw this cereal that was called Flipside! I took a picture of it on-"
Mrs. Spanish- Teacher: "If you're going to have conversations they need to be in Spanish!"
Dylan: "...mi teléfono."

It was so clever and so funny. The other day Dylan was in Spanish class when he randomly started showing off his abs- you know my reaction is going to be bad from the start of this- and kept showing them off for what felt like 5 minutes. Since this post only has Glee and Pretty Little Liars GIFs I can't use my Stephan Colbert GIF that was my actual reaction in my mind. But if you add up these reactions, it's about equal to what I did/ wanted to do in the middle of that classroom:

That's about right. Those were the best times with Dylan- wow, that sounds like we've been married for 5 yeas and he just died. Now time for the embarrassing times. It was last week's football game and I was joking around with Sydney about the Sun Drop commercial- where they play that song "Drop it Like it's Hot" in the background and the lady dancing in random places- like we always do. For whatever reason we were "dropping it" 10x more hardcore, I guess you could say, more than usual. So we're walking back to the stands screaming "Drop it like it's hot! 'Cause I got it going on!" and looking like this in my ugly brown sweatpants that give me a camel toe and a saggy butt at the same time:
(I looked like Dianna Agron [the girl in the middle] and Sydney looked like Heather Morris [the girl to the left of Di].)

Then I hear the worst thing you can hear while purposely looking like a sexy fail and that's, "Hey Kailyn!" I turned to my right and my face turned tomato red. Who do I see laughing their heads off? *Katy, *Brynn, Dylan, and a couple of their friends. I'm not saying it was rude of them to laugh- because I would totally do the same- it was just the fact that I know and was somewhat close with caught me acting like a complete idiot. It was pretty funny though. All I could do was shrug it off. Now here's my favorite part that I've been dying to do forever...
                          Perks of being 5'7":                                             Disadvantages of being 5'7":
                        -You can reach stuff high up.                               -Teachers are at boob level on you.
                        -Upper half lockers are no problem.                    -You're taller than Dylan.

Yes, it's true. Chris is only 5'6" or 5'5". XD It's quite sad actually. Maybe someday he'll catch up. Well, I need to get back to "Project Runway"- they're runway show is coming up! Till then,
Bless ya! Love ya!
Kailyn Wolffe

P.S. Rest in piece Steve Jobs. Without you, I wouldn't be able to play Angry Birds on my iTouch while my mom is taking hours trying to find the perfect dress at J.C. Penny's.
Steve Jobs Dead

*All names marked with a "*" are NOT real. I made them up myself.

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